Friday, March 8, 2013

Where have I been you wonder?

Hello everyone. If you regularly check on my blog which I hope you do I am sure you noticed the pages have not been working and I have not posted anything in months and for that I apologize. I am back in school full time and just got burnt out trying to keep up with everything. Taking pictures and putting a watermark on all my creations then trying to keep up with the blog, Facebook, and Flickr gets exhausting! But I am back to business on this blog. Hopefully you have been stopping by my Facebook page to see my latest projects if not I will be posting them on here for you. 

I got all the pages working again so that is a relief. I might also start moving things around on there so they are easier to find. I will keep you updated with that. I am also hoping to get an Etsy page up and running. It is in the works and hopefully be ready to go by the end of March. -- It's good to be back! Until next time....